2014 Ford S-MAX concept and price

The brand-new 2014 Ford S-MAX concept has been exposed at the Frankfurt motor show. Ford S-Max gets grill like other most recent members of Ford family. The S-Max has actually always been what Ford design director Martin Smith refers to as a “white space” vehicle, one which occupies a formerly unidentified market sector.

2014 Ford S-MAX Concept1

This is brand-new Ford S-Max MPV, in thinly veiled concept automobile type. In all however the spangliest details though, this is Ford’s stylish new MPV, ushering in a host of on-board tech features, and a new 1.5-litre Ecoboost petrol engine.

The show automobile’s party pieces are health-monitoring gizmos, taping information like heart rates and glucose levels. There’s also on-board wi-fi and tablet device docking, plus voice control for your smartphone’s apps, like music streaming service Spotify.

The 2014 Ford S-MAX minivan has appeared in 2006 and rapidly became popular with European buyers. In 2007 the model was named Car of the Year in Europe. Novelty design incorporates the business features of various other contemporary American brand name vehicles, consisting of the grille in the design of the brand-new Fiesta. In addition to the fast attractive profile with a pronounced shoulder line need to take note of the huge windshield, becoming a transparent roof.

2014 Ford S-MAX concept and price2

Rear seats offers from 4 to 7 seats and gives the homeowners a spectacular expanse. Did not save on products, using the soft skin even finishing the front. In concept have specific seats for all guests with a central second-row seat, retractable floor. The 3rd row is likewise really special, made by technology Thin Seat, which suggests a very little force to its transformation.

Ford Sync multimedia system with voice control and a huge touch screen Dual-View (displays various images for the motorist and the passenger at the same time) is the center of a number of advanced functions of the vehicle. With built-in motorist’s seat sensor device keeps track of the heart rhythm and, if necessary contact with doctors. An additional system can be connected to the apparatus for measuring blood sugar level.

2014 Ford S-MAX concept and price3

For security, when you are driving, avoidance system is charged, which deserves to apply the brake, without awaiting the motorist’s response to the threat of an accident. Electronic devices automobile parking will help while doing so, as the maker has introduced a system of communication in between automobiles is also designed to improve traffic security.

“The 2014 Ford S-MAX Concept reveals exactly what technology, Ford prepares to provide its consumers a next-generation vehicles. In S-MAX uncompromising combination of style, adaptability and excellent security”, stated the rep of the maker.

2014 Ford S-MAX concept and price4

2014 Ford S-MAX price

No information have actually been revealed surrounding the car’s price, but if it ends up being a precursor to a future manufacturing model, you can anticipate it to retail at around $28,000.

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