2015 Ford FPV GT F

2015 Ford FPV GT F is the performance model of the Falcon. Its price is up there, though, at $74,000 American dollars, but also for a super performance motor vehicle, it’s a good deal. It is matched with a supercharged 5.0-L V-8 that pay out outstanding stats.

2015 Ford FPV GT F

The nuclear power plant produces 470 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. No to 60 is an approximated four secs and top speed is 186 mph. That’s something different than my 1965 slow mobile.

Although it is fitted with the 5.0-L or 302 for us more mature people, it has the 351 badge on the tool dial faces and seat stitching, left there as a tribute the initial Ford Falcon GT with the 351 V-8.

2015 Ford FPV GT F2


The engine likewise has a special function that enhances power by 15 percent. Nevertheless it is only readily available in higher equipments and above 4000 revoltions per minute.

2015 Ford FPV GT F7

The automobile also has rear-wheel-drive, which is a lot more to the design of a real muscle mass auto. The back suspension has adjustable camber bolts that can be fine-tuned for the road or track.

2015 Ford FPV GT F6


The interior has the typical right-hand drive for Australia roads and is basically a plain Jane appearance similar to the base, six-cylinder Falcon model. There’s not much in the way of upgraded technical tools either, but that all is minor when you step on the throttle and the back of your head pounds the seat.


Ford has been obtaining some flack for not upgrading some of their interiors, so they are intending to update the log cabin with darker tones, a much more glossy surface and an entirely brand-new control panel, as as compared to previous versions.

2015 Ford FPV GT F1

The Ford Falcon has actually been in manufacturing since 1960, and given that 1972, it’s been totally a product of Australia– made, established, and produced entirely different from the U.S. It holds the placement of Australia’s very popular automobile, and markets with a selection of engines and trim degrees.

Over the last 7 generations, greater than 3 countless them have actually been marketed. That’s a lot of Falcon Falcon s. They even create a Ranchero-like ute model that takes the awesomeness to a whole new degree. Heading into 2015, Ford is launching a new performance version of the Falcon, called the FPV GT F.

2015 Ford FPV GT F4
The Australian Ford Falcon, comes with both rear-wheel-drive and an optional V-8, makings it a lot more preferable compared to the Fusion and even the Taurus in the United States. If you really want tail-out enjoyable from an American sedan, then the Ford Falcon is one of those vehicles that you know you enjoy, but you know you can not have.

Ford has actually merely introduced the Falcon-based 2015 FPV GT F, a 5.0-liter, V-8 beast of a sedan that makes a lot more horse power than a Mustang GT and still takes care of to have the capability to drive your buddies to the beer parlor.

If you were jealous of the Ford Falcon previously, the 2015 FPV GT F will leave you even more jealous compared to in the past.

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